Closest Gas Station Near Me

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Closest Gas Station Near Me

Closest Gas Station Near Me

In the United States the fuel used by many motor vehicles is gasoline, “gas” for short. The facility where it is sold is known as Gas Station. In addition to gas most Gas station also sell diesel fuel. These are the two most common types of fuels sold in United States. According to the US Census Bureau the US had 114,474 stations in 2012.

A convenience store can now be found at most of the Closest Gas Station Near Me in the United States. They typically sell, cigarettes, beverages, snacks, confections. Some also carry a small selection of grocery items. Full retail food establishments are quite common in many gas stations in certain parts of the country.

10 Largest Gas Station Chains In The United States

  • Exxon Mobil
  • Chevron Corporation
  • Speedway LLC
  • Love’s Travel Stop
  • Sunoco
  • 7-Eleven Inc
  • Sheetz Inc
  • Circle K.

The History of the Gas Station

The increase in automobile usage after Henry Ford started to sell motor vehicles that the middle class could afford prompted an increase in the demand for gas. The world’s first gas station that was specifically constructed for the sale of gasoline was built in St. LouisMissouri, in 1905 at 420 South Theresa Avenue. Prior to the use of the term gas stations their were know to motorists as filling stations.

The First Drive-in filling station, which was named Gulf Refining Company was opened to the motorists in Pittsburgh on December 1, 1913. Prior to this, automobile drivers would pull into almost any general or hardware store in order to fill up their tanks.

Closest Gas Station Near Me as Convenience Stores

number of gas stations in us

The convenience store has become a major aspect of the modern day gas station near me. The majority of the gas stations do also operate a convenience stores. The chart above shows the number of convenience sores operated by the largest gas stations operators in the United States.

Many gas station near me will have a triolet for customer use.

You will often find a air compressor at most gas station, which are often set off to the sides of the parking lot. By the gas pumps you will often find squeegees and paper towels.

Other services that may be found include, vacuum cleaners, service stations and car washes

Worlds Largest Gas Station

New Braunfels currently holds the record for the larges gas station. There Texas location near San Antonio has 60 gas pumps, 1,000 parking spots, a 67,000 square-foot convenience store with 80 soda fountain dispensers.

List of Gas Station Chains in the United States

Gas Prices in the US

State Regular Mid-Grade Premium Diesel 
Gas prices in Alaska$3.694$3.873$4.055$3.369
Gas prices in Alabama$2.829$3.158$3.483$3.048
Gas prices in Arkansas$2.843$3.143$3.433$3.081
Gas prices in Arizona$3.112$3.393$3.646$3.207
Gas prices in California$4.399$4.584$4.711$4.383
Gas prices in Colorado$3.609$3.941$4.242$3.455
Gas prices in Connecticut$3.186$3.484$3.704$3.316
Gas prices in District of Columbia$3.246$3.756$3.916$3.266
Gas prices in Delaware$2.981$3.399$3.653$3.265
Gas prices in Florida$3.016$3.365$3.672$3.157
Gas prices in Georgia$2.983$3.317$3.654$3.155
Gas prices in Hawaii$4.064$4.284$4.527$4.339
Gas prices in Iowa$2.995$3.156$3.565$3.102
Gas prices in Idaho$3.791$3.986$4.170$3.770
Gas prices in Illinois$3.364$3.729$4.111$3.341
Gas prices in Indiana$3.144$3.467$3.786$3.343
Gas prices in Kansas$2.917$3.160$3.415$3.094
Gas prices in Kentucky$2.932$3.258$3.569$3.119
Gas prices in Louisiana$2.875$3.133$3.451$2.993
Gas prices in Massachusetts$3.089$3.372$3.597$3.193
Gas prices in Maryland$3.026$3.471$3.736$3.219
Gas prices in Maine$3.111$3.411$3.694$3.201
Gas prices in Michigan$3.208$3.533$3.863$3.295
Gas prices in Minnesota$3.024$3.271$3.592$3.184
Gas prices in Missouri$2.847$3.099$3.370$2.993
Gas prices in Mississippi$2.794$3.094$3.417$2.937
Gas prices in Montana$3.305$3.570$3.818$3.393
Gas prices in North Carolina$2.962$3.303$3.651$3.138
Gas prices in North Dakota$3.060$3.273$3.528$3.153
Gas prices in Nebraska$3.010$3.149$3.506$3.138
Gas prices in New Hampshire$3.030$3.345$3.617$3.129
Gas prices in New Jersey$3.218$3.574$3.762$3.351
Gas prices in New Mexico$3.111$3.430$3.694$3.208
Gas prices in Nevada$4.014$4.240$4.420$3.944
Gas prices in New York$3.279$3.571$3.811$3.382
Gas prices in Ohio$3.039$3.363$3.692$3.343
Gas prices in Oklahoma$2.882$3.151$3.383$2.995
Gas prices in Oregon$3.773$3.952$4.132$3.699
Gas prices in Pennsylvania$3.293$3.613$3.905$3.601
Gas prices in Rhode Island$3.076$3.396$3.640$3.167
Gas prices in South Carolina$2.891$3.236$3.563$3.052
Gas prices in South Dakota$3.141$3.315$3.676$3.260
Gas prices in Tennessee$2.908$3.248$3.579$3.103
Gas prices in Texas$2.822$3.140$3.434$2.928
Gas prices in Utah$3.812$4.005$4.188$3.764
Gas prices in Virginia$2.979$3.364$3.693$3.109
Gas prices in Vermont$3.107$3.373$3.639$3.209
Gas prices in Washington$3.892$4.093$4.266$3.737
Gas prices in Wisconsin$3.010$3.352$3.731$3.131
Gas prices in West Virginia$3.028$3.320$3.608$3.248
Gas prices in Wyoming$3.571$3.784$4.045$3.655

Fuel Octane

Many car manufactures now recommend or require the use of high octane for use in many of their vehicles. Octane levels are a measurement of fuel stability. The higher the octane the more stable the fuel. Fuel with a higher octane rating can stand up to higher compression before it detonates.

Infrequent detonation will not harm your engine performance but frequent detonation will likely harm your vehicle and hasten the decline of the engine performance.

Vehicles that have engines with high compression ratios often will require the use of high octane found in premium gas for best performance. However, the majority of modern cars today are built to run on regular gas.

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